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Transfers 11 June 2019

Ludogorets introduced Biton and Tchibota

The management of Ludogorets introduced the two new recruits during a press conference in Sofia. Mavis Tchibota and Dan Biton received their official outfits and posed for the media.

VIVACOMCUP 14 June 2019

The best players and teams at VIVACOMCUP were awarded

Eight prizes in total were given after the VIVACOMCUP tournament ended. Four team prizes and four individual ones were given at a special ceremony.

Upcoming 14 June 2019

Ludogorets will travel to Austria on Sunday

PFC Ludogorets will travel to Austria for their second training camp. The team leaves on Sunday (16th of June) with a Lufthansa flight and they are expected to land at Munich Airport at 1:10 p.m.

Club 14 June 2019

A member of the Ludogorets Academy coach staff will lead the second team

The second team of Ludogorets will have a new coach for the new season. The management appointed Todor Zhivondov to lead the team in Second division. Ivo Gradev will be his assistant

VIVACOMCUP 12 June 2019

All VIVACOMCUP had fun with a folklore flashmob

All participants in the international VIVACOMCUP tournament took a break from the games and participated in a folklore flashmob.

Club 12 June 2019

Ludogorets begins the new season with a home game against Tsarsko Selo

Ludogorets will the new season with a home game against the newest addition to First League - Tsarsko Selo.

Club 11 June 2019

The coach Stoev: We need to change if we want to be successful in Europe

‘The spring season was an indicator that we need new players and a reset.

VIVACOMCUP 11 June 2019

Ludogorets U14 defeated 4:0 Rabotnicki

Ludogorets U14 defeated 4:0 Rabotnicki in the first VIVACOMCUP game. The first game took place at the club base in Razgrad.

VIVACOMCUP 11 June 2019

The third VIVACOMCUP tournament is now opened

The 2019 VIVACOMCUP tournament is now opened. The official ceremony took place at the ‘Eagles’ Nest’ club base in Razgrad.

VIVACOMCUP 10 June 2019

The first VIVACOMCUP game is Ludogorets - Rabotnicki

Ludogorets and Rabotnicki are the first teams to play in this year’s VIVACOMCUP tournament in Razgrad. This is what the draw decided. The game is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on the 11th of June at field number 1.

Transfers 9 June 2019

Ludogorets signed a contract with a talented Israeli playmaker

Ludogorets finalized one of the biggest transfers for the new season. The talented Israeli championship playmaker Dan Biton is already a part of the club.

Club 7 June 2019

Keseru’s performance saved Romania from Norway

The Ludogorets attacker Claudiu Keseru made an amazing performance during the European qualification game between Romania and Norway.

Youth Academy 7 June 2019

PFC Ludogorets initiates a partnership with FC Sinite Kamuni

The Academy of PFC Ludogorets and the private children and youth academy Sinite Kamuni in Sliven signed a long-term partnership contract.

VIVACOMCUP 5 June 2019

Ludogorets will organize the VIVACOMCUP youth tournament for the third time in a row

The international VIVACOMCUP tournament for children born in 2005 will be organized by Ludogorets for the third consecutive time. It will take place at the ‘Eagle’s Nest’ club base between 11th and 14th of June.

League table First league, 36th round
First six
1. Ludogorets 1945 79
2. CSKA-Sofia 78
3. Levski (Sofia) 66
4. Beroe (St. Zagora) 58
5. Cherno more (Varna) 52
6. Botev (Plovdiv) 50
Second eight
A group
1. Etar (Veliko Tarnovo) 51
2. Botev (Vratsa) 45
3. Vitosha (Bistritsa) 34
4. Vereya (St. Zagora) 6
B group
1. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 38
2. Slavia (Sofia) 39
3. Septemvri (Sofia) 33
4. Dunav (Ruse) 29

League table Second league, 30th round
1. Tsarsko selo 2015 76
2. Montana 63
3. Arda 1924 (Kardzhali) 62
4. CSKA 1948 (Sofia) 59
5. Litex (Lovech) 45
6. Strumska Slava (Radomir) 37
7. Chernomorets (Balchik) 37
8. Lokomotiv 1929 (Sofia) 36
9. Lokomotiv (G. Oryahovitsa) 36
10. Pomorie 36
11. Ludogorets 2 32
12. Botev (Galabovo) 31
13. Kariana (Erden) 31
14. Pirin (Blagoevgrad) 31
15. Nesebar 27
16. Dobrudzha 1919 (Dobrich) 22

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