• Nordsjælland
    Thursday, 5 October 2023, 22:00
    Europa Conference League, Group stage
    Farum Park Stadium, Farum

League table Parva liga, 11th round
1. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 29
2. Cherno more 27
3. Levski 22
4. CSKA-Sofia 18
5. Ludogorets 17
6. Arda 16
7. CSKA 1948 15
8. Beroe 14
9. Krumovgrad 13
10. Hebar 12
11. Botev (Vratsa) 10
12. Botev (Plovdiv) 9
13. Lokomotiv (Sofia) 9
14. Pirin (Blagoevgrad) 7
15. Slavia 4
16. Etar (Veliko Tarnovo) 4


Huvepharma Arena

Huvepharma Arena has a total capacity of 10471 seats divided as follows:

  • Central tribune - 650 seats
  • Sector A - 991 seats
  • Sector A1 - 640 seats
  • Sector B (Moti Grandstand) - 2308 seats
  • Sector V - 3616 seats
  • Sector G - 2266 seats

Tickets can be purchased from Sports Center "Nest of Eagles"

The Prices are as follows:

sector price
Central tribune 20 lv.
Sector А, A1 12 lv.
Sector B (Moti Grandstand) 10 lv.
Sector V - blocks 1,2,5,6 12 lv.
Sector V - blocks 3,4 20 lv.

In order to help parents in bringing up their children in the love of sport, the club makes it easy to access all home games at the stadium "Huvepharma Arena" by Introducing the so-called. "family tickets".

The group entry ticket is in the following options:

sector A, A1 & V (blocks 1,2,5,6) prices
Family with 1 child 24 lv.
Family with 2 children 30 lv.
Family with 3 children 30 lv.
Sector B prices
Family with 1 child 20 lv.
Family with 2 children 25 lv.
Family with 3 children 25 lv.

The family tickets wont be available only for risk matches, where the club shall take serious security measures. The club will promptly notify visitors about access rules. The sell of tickets at the stadium begins the day before a match by schedule set by the club. We remind you that the stadium will be prohibited importation of bottles of mineral water, dangerous objects and pyrotechnics. In order to ensure peace and security of families with children in the stadium, the club will take the necessary measures and precise CCTV will help apprehend violators of public order.


  • The management of "Ludogorets" reserves the reductions that benefited children under 18
  • PFC Ludogorets reserves the right to change the price of tickets.

It is important to know that this entry ticket is issued only once:

* is not a fiscal document and according to VAT and Ordinance H-18 it is necessary to be accompanied by the relevant fiscal document, therefore require a receipt or other valuable document legitimizing its purchase;
* serves to certify the places you paid for before the organizers of the match;
* in case of damage, destruction, loss or theft is not subject to compensation or reissue;
* copying and reproduction is prohibited;
* its possession assumes the force of a declaration that its owner undertakes to comply with the regulations for the organization and the internal order established by the organizer in the Huvepharma Arena area.

Visitors to sporting events are prohibited from:

  1. entering the sports facility with a foreign ID document;
  2. entering the sports facility without an ID card, with the exception of youngsters, as well as entering places and areas prohibited for visitors;
  3. pollution of the sports area and the sports facility;
  4. entering the sports area and the sports facility when they are under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other intoxicating substances, as well as when they exhibit aggressive behavior;
  5. writing, pasting or painting anywhere on the territory of the sports facility or on structures on the roads leading to them;
  6. carrying bottles, including plastic ones, objects made of fragile or particularly hard material, bulky objects and belongings, umbrellas with long handles, flags and banners with handles longer than 1.5 meters and with a diameter greater than 1 cm, with the exception of lightweight PVC pipes up to 2.5 cm in size;
  7. carrying flags, posters and banners on which texts, images, abbreviations and symbols inciting hatred and violence, containing offensive qualifications or embodying ideologies are declared illegal;
  8. lighting and maintaining a fire;
  9. throwing objects;
  10. wearing masks and actions to completely cover the face or parts of it, which makes recognition difficult. The prohibition under the preceding sentence does not apply to medical/hygienic masks and helmets, when wearing them is mandatory according to the applicable anti-epidemic measures;
  11. the carrying of weapons and objects that can be used as weapons; ammunition; sprays with protective gas, with corrosive or with coloring substances; flares, explosive devices, pyrotechnics and other general hazardous agents, individual components thereof; narcotic and other intoxicating substances; as well as other substances and objects that may be dangerous to the life and health of others;

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