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9 November 2023, 22:00



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SEASON 2023/24, Europa Conference League, Group stage

9 November 2023

Dermendzhiev: I want to raise the class with every game

8 November 2023

Ludogorets head coach Georgi Dermendzhiev gave a press conference before the game with Fenerbahce in the Conference League.

"Fenerbahce is a very classy opponent. We are pleased to have the opportunity to play against such a team to see what our class is and where we need to improve. In any case, we will try to play a good match and get the best out of it. You know, it's football. I always wanted the team to raise the class with every game. I am happy that we will play against a classy team. This is very good for us. I want us to improve against teams like that. We all know that this is the last chance and I want us not to miss it," Dermendzhiev began.

"Sonko Sundberg is fine now, training, but we will keep him for now. As I already said, Fenerbahce is a very classy team. I think we played well in Istanbul. We had individual mistakes. We will try not to have these again at home. Of the injured players, there is no player who will return to play for this match," the coach added.

"You can say it's an extremely serious match, but I don't think it's the most important one. The two tournaments are important, we will put in the maximum and try to get out of the group and at the end of the championship, Ludogorets will be in the first position", he said.

"What happened until the moment I came to Ludogorets is gone. From now on, we talk to the players. They understood what they had to do and I think the team will gradually improve," concluded Dermendzhiev.

Ludogorets midfielder Todor Nedelev also attended the team's official press conference before hosting Fenerbahce.

"The head coach will decide if I will play. I am 100% ready, if the coach decides me to play, I will do my best to achieve a good result," said Nedelev.

"I feel very good in Ludogorets. The team received me in the best possible way. My expectations are the same as Mr. Dermendzhiev's – we played a good match in Turkey, we had chances and I hope that with a good game we will take the maximum to continue the battle for ranking further in the tournament," Nedelev said.

Ludogorets and Fenerbahce program before Thursday's match

7 November 2023

Ludogorets senior coach Georgi Dermendzhiev will give his official press conference before the match with Fenerbahce tomorrow (November 8). The briefing starts at 1:30 pm in the big hall of Huvepharma Arena behind the Central Tribune. Todor Nedelev will also take part in the press conference.

Tomorrow's official training of Ludogorets starts at 20:00 at the Eagle's Nest base and will be open to the media in the first 15 minutes.

Fenerbahçe's press conference starts at 6:30 pm at Huvepharma Arena stadium and the training session starts at 7:00 pm.

Organization and security measures for the match with Fenerbahce

6 November 2023

PFC Ludogorets announces that a serious organization will be established under the pass regime at the Huevpharma Arena  for the match against Fenerbahce in the Conference League on Thursday (November 9).

IMPORTANT! Supporters with Fenerbahçe fan articles will not be allowed in the Ludogorets supporters' sections. Checkpoints will be built around the stadium, where tickets and identity documents will be checked.

All holders of entrance tickets for the Central Grandstand, sectors A1, V, G and Moti stand must also show a Bulgarian identity document.

Fenerbahçe fans will be accommodated in sector A.

PFC Ludogorets announces that in order to facilitate access to the Huvepharma Arena stadium, fans whose seats are in sector G are advised to use the alleys in the park and follow the signs and instructions of the stewards, who will be located in the area. The club appeals to supporters with tickets for sector G not to mix with the flow of supporters for sectors V and Moti, which would seriously hamper the access regime at the Huvepharma Arena.

PFC Ludogorets reminds that for the match with Fenerbahce, the Huevepharma Arena stadium opens its doors at 20:00. Taking into account the fact that the capacity will be filled and to avoid crowding at the entrances, we appeal to come to the stadium earlier. In order to guarantee the safety of the fans, there will be serious checks at the entrances, and people who are intoxicated, who have used narcotic substances, as well as those with dangerous objects and pyrotechnics will not be admitted.

Important! PFC Ludogorets announces that the stewards of the stadium will strictly ensure that there is no crowding on the road signs during the match with Fenerbahce.

In order to ensure the safety, the movement of cars in the sports area will be temporarily restricted by the construction of police checkpoints. From 20h cars will not be allowed on Vasil Levski streets /from the intersection with Knyaz Boris to Severen boulevard, Ilia Petrov, Gavril Krastevich and Severen Boulevard. Those living and wishing to reside in the northern part of the city will be able to move along Veterinarna street, and the section of Severen boulevard will be in a regulated access mode. The local lane at Garov road will be reserved for fans of the visiting team.

Supporters of PFC Ludogorets from other settlements who have purchased tickets for the match can use the designated parking lots next to the High School Dormitory, Central Post Office, Central Hotel, etc. Freight market on Strandzha street.

Ludogorets reminds that attendees with persons under 18 years of age must submit a completed guardian declaration. These are handed out in person when buying a ticket. They can also be downloaded from the main page of the club's official website 

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