Reporting 7 June 2023

Ludogorets deserved the 12th title after a match on Ticha stadium

Ludogorets is the champion of Bulgaria for the 12th time in a row! The Eagles struggled a lot at "Ticha" stadium against the tough and inspired...

Ludogorets is the champion of Bulgaria for the 12th time in a row! The Eagles struggled a lot at "Ticha" stadium against the tough and inspired Cherno more team, but they won 1:0. Matias Tissera scored the precious goal in the 50th minute, and at 0-0, Sergio Padt saved his own goal, although he was left face-to-face with Mateusz Machado. This is how the golden double for the Eagles was shaped, which is the first for them after 9 years.

Von Witry, Plastun, Russo and Pipa came out in front of the goalkeeper Sergio Padt, and in front of them Petev had saturated the midfield with three inside midfielders – Jakub Piotrowski, Manuel Shaw and Claude Gonsalves. In the absence of the suspended Igor Thiago, Matias Tissera led the attack, supported on the wings by Kiril Despodov and Caio Vidal.

The match started with pressure from Ludogorets. First, Despodov gave a good pass to Aslak von Witry, who, however, would have gone over the goal. In the 9th minute, Jakub Piotrowski completely bleached, found Despodov well, who shot, but after a ricochet, the ball missed the target. Then Piotrowski shot accurately, but weakly.

In the 22nd minute, Ludogorets was close to a goal. Kiril Despodov crossed from a corner, then Franco Russo headed in, but the ball ricocheted off the body of Vlatko Drobarov and went inches wide of the left-hand post of Ivan Dyulgerov's goal.

In the 36th minute, Cherno more did not take the lead. Mateus Machado was brought behind the Ludogorets defense by Ismail Isa and shot technically, but Sergio Padt made a masterful one-handed save.

The conclusion after the first part was that Ivaylo Petev's team attacked more, but the cleanest position was for the Sailors.

The second half started with an exchange of shoots. Alex Fernandes sent a bomb to Sergio Pad, who struggled to clear. Then Matias Tissera shot dangerously, as Dugerov headed for a corner.

At his performance, Ludogorets took the lead! In the 50th minute, with a learned position, Kiril Despodov crossed at the first post to Manuel Shaw, who continued for the uncovered Matias Tissera, who could not make a mistake - 1:0 for the Eagles. After the goal, the people of Razgrad retreated, but clear chances in front of the goal were lacking.

In the 89th minute, the Eagles were one man short. Volen Chinkov gave a second yellow card to Claude Gonsalves, although the Portuguese was fouled earlier. Thus, in the last minutes, everything interesting was in front of Sergio Padt's door. During a dangerous cross, two players from Cherno more missed the ball - both Atanas Iliev and Alexander Vasilev. In the end, however, the Eagles held on and won their 12th title, completing their third ever Golden Double after 2012 and 2014.

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Cherno more - Ludogorets 0:1
  • Ludogorets
    Dinamo (Minsk)
    Wednesday, 24 July 2024, 21:00
    Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage
    Huvepharma Arena Stadium, Razgrad
  • Dinamo (Minsk)
    Wednesday, 31 July 2024, 21:45
    Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage
    Mezőkövesdi Városi Stadium, Mezőkövesd, Hungary

League table Parva liga, 1st round
1. Levski 3
2. Botev (Plovdiv) 3
3. Spartak (Varna) 3
4. Beroe 3
5. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 3
6. Ludogorets 3
7. Krumovgrad 3
8. Cherno more 1
9. CSKA 1948 1
10. CSKA-Sofia 0
11. Slavia 0
12. Septemvri (Sofia) 0
13. Arda 0
14. Botev (Vratsa) 0
15. Hebar 0
16. Lokomotiv (Sofia) 0


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