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Ivaylo Petev: I will do my best to get the team back on the right track

The new head coach of Ludogorets Ivaylo Petev was presented to the media at the Huvepharma Arena stadium. The experienced specialist returned to...

The new head coach of Ludogorets Ivaylo Petev was presented to the media at the Huvepharma Arena stadium. The experienced specialist returned to Razgrad and stated that the team will do everything to win the title.

"I want to thank the owners for their trust in me. Everything happened very quickly. I expected that sooner or later it would happen. I will do everything in my power to help the team and get back on the right track. It's no secret that we have a small problem. We all have a single goal. I am aware of absolutely everything that people expect. I know what I can do and what I want. The team has extremely good players. Ludogorets always plays attacking football," Petev began.

"The club is at the top level. This is a European team with the results it achieved. I always look at what will happen tomorrow, I don't rest on my laurels. Ludogorets is in second place, but everything is in our hands. The most important match is on Sunday. There have always been quite good players in Ludogorets. We have enough players and each one's time will come. For me, the most important thing is to choose the best for the match on Sunday," he added.

"I have been to many places and stadiums, as well as to many camps. Ludogorets is in no way inferior to Inter's camp. I do not want to comment on the other teams. We will do everything possible to close the gap and become first. I do not want to mention the number of teams I turned down. I made the decision emotionally. I had offers from Europe and Asia, but the important thing is what I want," concluded the experienced specialist.

The executive director of Ludogorets - Angel Petrichev, officially introduced the new head coach of the team Ivaylo Petev. Petrichev stated that he is extremely excited by the fact that the specialist is returning to Razgrad.

"I am extremely excited about this event today, because I have the pleasure to present to you as the new head coach of Ludogorets the well-known Ivaylo Petev to all of you. Why I am excited - because 12 years ago, my path and his met in Ludogorets and then together with him and the other colleagues who started this beginning, with the help of the two owners Kiril and Georgi Domuschievi, we started building this club step by step, which I dare to claim is already a serious factor in European football", said executive director Angel Petrichev.

"Everyone who hears the name of Ludogoerts all over the world mentions him with great respect. Ivaylo and I have gone through many trials, we have won many battles, at a certain point according to the unwritten football laws, our paths parted, but we always knew that sooner or later we would be together again. In recent years, our separation has been more geographical, and being separated by hundreds and sometimes thousands of kilometers, we have kept in touch. Our fans have often seen him visit the Huvepharma Arena to support Ludogorets. He carries the DNA of Ludogorets in him. We are all very happy and he too, because returning three days ago, he saw many old friends", he added.

"Ivaylo Petev reacted very quickly to our proposal. We shook hands and after 2 hours he was in Razgrad, ready to take over the team. I am extremely grateful to him, because they have an old fairy tale - a friend in need knows each other. We all believe and judging by the comments of our fans, he is very welcome in our club. I know for sure that in recent years he did not graduate from Harry Potter's school, but was tutored and did not have a magic wand. He has the knowledge, the experience, and the courage so that everything we want can happen", expressed hope Angel Petrichev.

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